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Niagara Wheatfield Central School District

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Understanding Medicare


with Jason Myers

Calendar Nov 10, 2020 at 6 pm

Medicare is Confusing!

What are Parts A, B, C & D? When do I have to enroll? What will I pay? What is a Medicare Advantage Plan? What is a Medicare Supplement Plan? What about late enrollment penalties, Extra Help, EPIC or Medicare Savings Programs? What kind of plans might work best for me?

This education — only event will help people understand how the Medicare program works and provide a general overview of the variety Medicare insurance products available to beneficiaries.

Jason Myers is the owner of JBM Health & Wealth Consulting, LLC.

What Happens When The Paychecks Stop Coming?


with Ken Fisher

Calendar Nov 10, 2020 at 6 pm

If you are nearing or entering retirement and are interested in a strategy designed to help build an income stream and make your retirement income last, join us for What Happens After the Paychecks Stop? A Retirement Income Primer.

We'll explore how to budget for retirement expenses, examine potential sources of retirement income and identify ways to address potential risks.

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Retirement By Design


with Ken Fisher

Calendar Nov 17, 2020 at 6 pm

Retirement can be a word filled with emotion, excitement, fear, anticipation and uncertainty.  For some, thinking about retirement can bring some questions to mind:

Am I saving enough?  What will I do when I retire?  Will I even be able to retire?

Retirement by Design is a program to help you answer those questions by translating your vision for retirement into tangible goals.  Whether you are 10 or 40 years from retirement, you'll learn investment strategies you can use now to help you retire when and how you want.

Self-Growth & the Art of Singing
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Self-Growth & the Art of Singing


with Jesse Wicher

Calendar Dec 7, 2020 at 7 pm

Professional singer, voice teacher, Jesse Wicher, will share with you the wonderful life-lessons he has learned through the study of singing. With him, you will explore the profound relationship between the breath, body and voice, and personal growth. Highlights include: “Singing with your own voice,” “Getting out of the way,” and “Letting go of judgments.” This engaging one-evening course is perfect for singers, artists, and anyone wishing to create more freedom and joy in their life.

To register, call (716) 821-1404 or email 

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Essential Oils


with Erin O'Connor

“My mission is to help stimulate a new way of thinking, to think about proactive methods to stay healthy vs reacting to health issues! My goal is to help you become an empowered advocate for life!”  -  Erin O’Connor, The Oily RN

Join Erin for free monthly sessions via Zoom where she will teach you all about essential oils, healthy living, and cleansing strategies to help you feel rejuvenated. 

Class dates: September 8, October 6, November 10, & December 8

Low-Tox Living


with Erin O'Connor

Low-Tox Living encourages you to consider cleansing habits outside of your own body, in the home, and other environments that you frequent. Join Erin O'Connor, the Oily RN, for this special online presentation which will pinpoint the toxic warning signs of household cleaning products, soaps, and other products we use around our homes every day. Learn how to start the process of cleansing for a healthier life style and what it means to lead a low-tox life!  

Class dates: September 22, October 20, November 24, & December 21

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